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To design the brand identity for a charity that aims to help teenagers and young adults talks about their mental health issues and concerns.

The brand needed to feel fresh, youthful and dynamic whilst maintaining a trustworthy and approachable aspect to it.


Designing an identity for a mental health charity targeting teenagers and young adults

Role - Art direction, Branding, Design direction
Year - 2020

Client - OneSpace


The logo was used as a base to generate further brand assets such as the cropped circle. These elements further reinforce the branding and the idea of a safe space.

The brand graphics are paired with a clean, youthful and fresh photography art direction. Whilst addressing all these points the photographic style does not steer too far from the charity sector.


In response to this brief I have designed a simple, yet effective monogram using the letter "O" as a metaphor for a safe space. The "s" letter tightly and safely protects and encloses the space.

To complement the design and attract the target audience I have opted for an energetic and eye catching colour palette.


The colours also convey a strong sense of positivity which is what most of the people reaching out to the charity are looking for.

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