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The client wanted to launch a new campaign just in time for Dry January promoting their non-alcoholic dinks offering.

The main challenge was to portray alcohol free drinks as a go-to choice without making consumers feel like they've compromised.


Seedlip wanted to promote their mission of changing the way the world drinks and showcase their core non-alcoholic drinks.

Role - Art Direction, Design
Year - 2020

Client -

Credits - Russell Appleford (3D artist), Anna Arnell (CD)


We've decided to hero their three core products and highlight the aesthetics of the brand. A copper piping (similar to ones used by gin distilleries) was created as a framing device.

With the help of a 3D artist we've rendered various botanical elements and pipe sections. This helped us to create a flexible frame system that can be adapted to the various media channel sizes. 

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