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To create a bespoke logotype that is easy to read, distinctive and appeals to a predominantly female target audience.

Furthermore the brand required a premium packaging look and feel (DTC), along with a considered unboxing experience designed around it.


Branding for an independent statement coffee table books company

Role - Branding, Art direction, Design
Year - 2021

Client - shelf


I have designed a premium unboxing experience from the look and feel of the parcel to unboxing and revealing the book.

Cards were printed on 500gsm paper with an embossed logo and a vellum paper print was added as a cover sheet. Additionally the books were individually placed in organic branded cotton bags that could be later be repurposed.


In addition to packaging further branded assets have been designed for giveaways, IG competitions etc.

All assets have been produced using premium quality products and printing techniques to maintain the high-end look and feel of the brand.

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The custom drawn logotype was designed to appeal to the companies target audience whilst communicating a premium look and feel.

A pastel colour palette serving as background for the online store and social posts was selected. The main reason for this choice was to not overpower the already colourful book covers on display. 

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